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What is the Best Way to Excel in the PTE Writing Section ?


What is the Best Way to Excel in the PTE Writing Section ?

Are you preparing to take the PTE Academic test and wondering how to score well on the Writing section? 

Look no further! In this article, we will guide you through effective strategies that will help you achieve the highest possible score on test day.

The PTE Writing section consists of two tasks: Write an Essay and Summarize Written Text. Let's look into each task and explore the best ways to excel in them.

Task 1: Write Essay

The Write Essay task requires you to write a 200-300 word essay in just 20 minutes. With limited time at your disposal, it's important to be well-prepared beforehand. Here's a step-by-step approach to mastering this task:

1. Use an Essay Structure

Begin by organizing your essay into four paragraphs, each serving a specific purpose. Your essay structure should be as follows:
PTE Writing


Start with a general statement about the topic, followed by a paraphrase of the question. Conclude the introduction with your thesis statement, which presents your personal opinion on the topic.

Body 1 and Body 2 Paragraphs: 

It is recommended to introduce the main idea of each paragraph in the body using a topic sentence. Then, expand on the idea and support it with examples. Finally, link the paragraph back to the question or the previous paragraph. Repeat this structure for the second body paragraph.


Restate the main ideas from both body paragraphs, summarizing your idea. Restate your overall opinion stated in the thesis statement and aim for a strong concluding sentence.

2. Commit the Structure to Memory

Familiarize yourself with this essay structure, as it will help you present your ideas logically and clearly during the exam. Practice writing essays using this format to build confidence and efficiency.

3. Master Complex Sentences

Ensure your essay showcases a mix of simple and complex sentences. Complex sentences with relative clauses can add depth to your writing. Consider attending PTE Writing Live Classes to learn how to construct complex sentences effectively.

4. Seek Guidance and Feedback

Learn from PTE Writing teachers and expert markers. Reflect on their advice to improve your grammar, phrasing, spelling, and organization of ideas. Regular practice and constructive feedback are keys to refining your writing skills.

Task 2: Summarize Written Text

In the Summarize Written Text task, you have 10 minutes to condense a 300-word text into a single sentence. Follow these steps to excel in this task:

1. Skim the Text

Quickly read through the text to understand its main idea and key points. This initial overview will help you generate ideas for your summary.

2. Paraphrase and Create a Complex Sentence

Based on your notes, try paraphrase the main ideas in your own words with paraphrase tool. Construct a complex sentence with a relative clause that describes the subject and includes the rest of the sentence with relevant information.

3. Check Sentence Length

Ensure your summary contains 5 to 75 words—neither more nor less. Review your sentence for clarity and correctness, correcting any spelling or typing errors.

4. Practice and Seek Feedback

Regular practice is the key to success in summarizing written text. Verify that your summary makes sense and contains all the fundamental ideas. Get feedback from experts, attend E2 Live Classes, and consider tutorials to improve your summarization skills.

Time Management Tips for the Writing Section

Time Management Tips for the Writing Section

During the PTE exam, time management is of the utmost importance. Make sure you give each task the appropriate amount of time but try to avoid focusing too much on any particular query. 

For instance, in the "Write Essay" requirement, you should allow a few minutes to outline your essay and ensure that it has a readable idea flow before you begin writing. In the "Summarize Written Text" activity, allot sufficient time to read the passage in depth and determine what the passage's primary point is.

Practicing with Sample Questions and Mock Tests

The best way to do well in the PTE Writing section is to put in plenty of practice. Make use of the official PTE practice materials and online resources to gain expertise with the different types of questions.

Participate in regular mock exams so you may calculate your progress and experience the conditions of an actual test. Think over your outcomes in a critical way to find areas where you could improve, and then focus most of your energy on strengthening those areas.

Seeking Feedback and Evaluation

It is possible to dramatically improve your writing abilities by requesting comments from teachers, language specialists, or study partners. You should evaluate the feedback given on your practice summaries and essays, which you should share with others for evaluation. You can enhance your writing abilities by reflecting on and learning from your past mistakes and focusing your efforts on specific areas in which you struggle.

Managing Test-Day Anxiety

On the day of the exam, it is not uncommon to feel a sense of anxiety. It can be good to engage in relaxation activities like taking slow, deep breaths and focusing on the positive in order to keep one's composure and mental clarity. 

You have to put your trust in the hard work that you've already done and make it a point to avoid scrambling at the last minute. Your performance level will improve due to the improved confidence that comes from having faith in your talents.

Final Tips and Recommendations

To excel in the PTE Writing section, remember to:

  • Practice regularly and consistently
  • Read extensively to improve understanding
  • Review grammar and vocabulary rules
  • Time yourself during practice sessions
  • Seek guidance and feedback from experienced individuals


To excel in the PTE Writing section, adopt structured essay writing, master complex sentence construction, and seek guidance and feedback from experienced instructors. 

Practice consistently for the "Summarise Written Text" task, create clear and concise summaries, and refine your skills with expert help. 

With dedication and preparation, you can achieve success in the PTE Academic and move closer to your study, work, or migration goals.