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Work at Homework Online legally and secure payment


How to Legally Work at Home Payday Euros or Dollars

Hello, greetings to all of you

Is your income low? Yes, for most people, the income must be as big as what is needed. But it's true that real income is nothing less as long as you can be grateful for it and wisely manage between expenses and income.

But if you are already working and you still feel you are underpaid, at times like this there are lots of roads to Rome to be able to increase your income every month. The solution, you can work part time or the cool language is freelancers.

But for some freelancers inconsistent income is also a problem. So if you are ready to become a freelancer by utilizing trusted official sites. you will be able to work anytime and earn extra money which is very useful.

One site that I can recommend is Clickworker. which is one of the official platforms that pays you to become a freelancer by completing certain tasks.

To date, the clicworker community and users already have 2.2 million users who have helped record in providing solutions to complex project situations.

What is Clickworker ?

Yes, that question may be in your mind right now. Then I will explain that Clickworker is an independent platform that provides services on standard web browsers to complete tasks on a per piece rate or each different task that operates using AI (artificial intelligence) to process data quickly and efficiently.

There are several tasks for freelancers at Clickworker which include research, data verification, filling out surveys, creating videos, testing apps and much more. In this situation you can do the work whenever it suits you and still make money making your own choice.

How does it work in Clickworker ?

The way to join clickworker is very easy, namely, you are required to be 18 years old and above, must have a computer or smartphone with an internet connection.

In this platform you can register yourself as a self-service or managed service. And what a managed service means is that clickworker will discuss your own project and offer to handle the entire ordering process, in other words you will be the user who offers work to other users at a certain rate.

while what is meant by self-service is that you become a user who works as a freelancer or freelancer.

Well, if you have decided as a freelancer user you can do tasks like,

  • Categorization of data
  • app testing
  • text or article creation
  • taking photo or video
  • audio recording
  • site visit
  • study
  • trial print correction or reviewer
Well, when you have completed one of the tasks you chose online, you will be paid either weekly or monthly via Paypal or SEPA.

However, note that the amount that will be paid to you will vary depending on the project and task description given, the more complicated the job you choose, the more money you will get.

Is this Clickworker Legit?

By looking at the tasks that you will do it looks easy but can clickworker be trusted ?

In my personal opinion and some other reviewers, clickworker is an official and legitimate site and not a scam. This can be proven by the journey of this company which has been for many years with a good and quality work record.

With a payment system straight from the task which shows that they actually pay you for the work you have chosen and completed yourself.

Clickworker will thoroughly assess the tasks to be assigned and use assurance controls on assigning parties to enforce their standards of delivering high quality work.

Legitimate payments can also be used as evidence that this clickworker can really be trusted. They use two payment options, namely Paypal and SEPA. And if you fail to receive payment but your work is really done well, you can also send an email and you will receive a response from clickworker.

The other side that can increase the payment or the type of work you get is that you can already get access to UHRS which is a partner of Clickworker. And this is where the big paying jobs can be found.

But you are required to take a test to be able to get that access, because they really want to find really quality freelancers. But you're still here too, which means you are free to choose a job that suits your abilities and your free time.


If you really need to increase your daily or monthly income, you can wisely register as a Clickworker by doing flexible jobs according to your ability.

That way you can increase your income while you are actively completing work at Clickworker. Because it is a platform that provides micro jobs for people who can do small tasks with good quality. But and highly recommended as an IMPORTANT NOTE. My personal advice, if you have registered as a Clickworker you should not replace or leave your full-time or entrepreneurial job.

Because the concept of clikcworker itself is a freelance job or side job that you can do easily and just sit at home. If you are already curious about clickworker, immediately see the review and register yourself.

-- Visit Clickworker ---

Thank you, hopefully useful and you can find what you are looking for "Don't Forget to Breathe and Stay Happy in the Gratitude Link".

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